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Knoxville's Friendliest Gym And Workout Facility!

At Exclusive Fitness our goal is to treat each of our valued clients as an individual. We realize some people want to bulk up, while others want to slim down. some are interested in training for a specific sport, and some need help after a medical illness to regain strength, balance, and coordination.

Whatever the goal, whether it is weight loss, weight gain, sport conditioning, or post-habiliation, we can help!

Come in TODAY and see what sets Exclusive Fitness apart as Knoxville's BEST workout facility and gym!

Meet The Exclusive Fitness Team

Wade Wilburn

I am thankful and blessed to have a career in which I can be part of improving people's lives, health, and well- being. There is nothing more gratifying than hearing a client tell me how I have changed their life. I am also proud to be surrounded by a great team of trainers, most of whom I have worked with for 15 plus years. I feel confident my team can help you achieve any of your goals, whether it be weight loss, post rehab, sports specific conditioning, or learning self defense skills. Feel free to contact me for a free fitness evaluation and trial membership. I want to show you why we are "Exclusive" Fitness.

Wade is Certified Personal Trainer and Body Builder. With over 30 years of fitness and nutrition experience. Wade has helped clients lose 100+ pounds and trained clients for professional competitions. However, the majority of his clients sign up with less than 30 pounds to lose and simply want to eat better, get in shape and remain in shape.

1992 Associates of Science Degree, 1994 Jan Tana Classic Heavy Weight Champion, 1994 started Complete Physique Personal Training, 1998 Eastern States Super Heavy and Overall Champion, 2OOO Mr. Tennessee Super Heavy and Overall Champion, 2OO5 Bachelors in Business Degree, 2OO9 Hydroxycut Hardbody Challenge Overall Winner, 2010 Battle at the River Masters Division 2nd place, 2011 Masters Nationals 12th place. 2012 Open Heavy Greater Knoxville Classic Champion. 2012 Greater Knoxville Classic Masters 2nd place. 2012 Masters Mr. Tennessee 2nd place. 2012 Open Heavy Mr. Tennessee, 3rd place. Most recently, Wade won the 2014 Masters Heavyweight & Masters Overall Total Body Championships, 2017 Masters Open Heavyweight & Masters Over 40 Total Body Championships & 2017 Flex Lewis Classic Masters Over 40 & Over 50 Champion.

2018 7th place Masters Over 50 NPC Team Universe
2019 1st place Masters Over 40 NPC Night of Champions
2019 2nd place Masters Over 50 NPC Night of Champions
2019 NPC Night of Champions Inspiration Award

Donna Wilburn

Donna has been a competitive figure and bodybuilder since 2003. Donna has a burning desire to help people better their life and most importantly their health. Donna is personal trainer and female competition coach while offering online training as well.

NPC Knox Classic 2018
Womens Bodybuilding 1st place and Overall Winner
NPC 2018 Tennessee State Bodybuilding and Figure Championship
Womens Bodybuilding 1st place and overall
NPC 2018 Total Body Championships
Womens Open Bodybuilding Open 5th Place
Womens Master's Bodybuilding 1St Place
Womens Phsique Master's 35+ 2nd place
NPC 2014 Greater Knox Classic Bodybuilding and Figure Competition
Womens Phsique Class A 1st place
NPC 2014 Clash At the Capstone
Womens Phsique Open Class 3rd place
NPC 2014 Total Body Championships
Womens Open Bodybuilding lightweight 1st place
Womens Open- Overall Winner
NPC 2012 NPC Knox Classic Bodybuilding and Figure Competition
WomensBodybuilding Middleweight 1st place
NPC 2012 Tennessee State Bodybuilding and Figure Championships
Womens Open Lightweight 2nd place
Womens Bodybuilding Master's 50+ 1st place
NPC 2011 Knox Classic Bodybuilding and Figure Competition

Kimberly Roberts

Kimberly Roberts is Knoxville's first and only IFBB professional fitness competitor. She is a former University of Tennessee Lady Vol Cheerleader as well as a former All-American member of the University of Tennessee's dance team. Kimberly has a B.S. in Exercise Science with 29 years of fitness and weight training experience. She works with all types of people to help them achieve a fit, healthy lifestyle. She can help you create an effective fitness and nutritional program to achieve your goals. She works with all ages and fitness levels and can help with general fitness, competition preparation, and even injury recovery.

Mark Aycock

Put a punch into your personal health & fitness program with world class martial artist Mark Aycock. Mark has been recognized by over a dozen organizations as a premiere athlete in two sports~Sport Karate & Sport Jujitsu during his competitive days, as well as an award winning coach & teacher. He’s a national champion, world silver medalist, international silver medalist, member of the U.S. Team, and has been inducted into 3 different hall of fames. On September 1st, 2020, Mark was recognized for being the founder of Takumashii Te, awarded 10th Dan, & bestowed the title “Soke”(founder). It’s a synthesis of Okinawan karate techniques & fundamental boxing~a stand up all hands martial arts & self defense training system.  Mark also is a 9th Dan in Isshinryu, and was bestowed the title “Hanshi”~exemplary teacher & warrior. He has a bachelors degree in education, and is a certified trainer. Takumashii Te is a great way to strengthen body, mind, & spirit while learning practical self defense.

Michelle Aycock

Michelle completed her first yoga teacher training and became a registered yoga teacher in 2002. Originally from Corpus Christi, Texas, Michelle grew up as a classically trained ballet dancer, and has continued to study, practice and share many of the techniques of stretching and core strength through teaching and studying different forms of yoga. In 2010 she received her RYT through Yoga Alliance as well as being a PHI certified Pilates instructor. She received her Undergraduate degree in Exercise Physiology in 1991 with minors in Psychology & Dance and her M.S. degree in Biomechanics. A group fitness instructor, a certified Personal Trainer, and Wellness Coach, In addition to these, Michelle uses yoga & core balance as an integral part of personal training. Michelle brings almost 20 years of clinical experience, working with and educating clients of all ages and all fitness levels. Your sessions will be designed with care and tailored to meet you where you are on your wellness path


Devin Harrell is a NCSF Certified Personal Trainer, Strength & Conditioning Coach, and Sports Nutrition Specialist with a Bachelors in Education in Kinesiology. His background includes working with “new gym goers”, general population, avid weight lifters, athletes young & old, bodybuilders, power lifters, and even some special population clients. Simply put, he has worked with just about every type of client there is over his nearly decade-long career in fitness.

While working for Gold’s Gym part time, Devin attended the University of Tennessee before graduating in 2016. Like most of our trainers here at Exclusive Fitness have, Devin outgrew his corporate gym role and decided to join the team in 2018 to help provide a more personalized, hassle free environment for his clients.

Personal Trainer.

Jami has been at Exclusive Fitness for the past 5 years. She is a N.A.S.M. Certified Personal Trainer with additional certifications in Women’s Fitness, Group Fitness, and Nutrition. She is also a 4th degree black belt in Isshinryu Karate.

Jami enjoys working with all types of individuals and groups; young, old, beginner, experienced, and special needs. Her goal is to provide each of her clients with focused, individualized training that fosters a love of exercise and fitness within them.

No matter where you are in your fitness journey, Jami can help you reach the next level!

Co-owners of Totality Living Well

Scott and Michelle Williams are the co-owners of Totality Living Well and enjoy working in tandem to create individualized plans for each client. They are certified in multiple disciplines which encompass nutrition, the culinary arts, neuromuscular massage and fitness. Together they have comprehensively served clients for more than 40 years. Their combined skills and wide spectrum of knowledge benefit both the active athlete as well as the beginner seeking to improve his or her health. Recognizing that their clients were seeking healthy recipes that tasted amazing led them to creating their first cookbook, Taste of Totality (Amazon).

Scott Williams has more than 30 years of experience as a health coach and personal trainer. He has worked with athletes of all ages in sports ranging from football, baseball, lacrosse and golf to strength training and conditioning, competitive bodybuilding and figure competitions. Scott also specializes in neuromuscular massage and healthy fascia for preventative and post-injury rehabilitation. As a certified nutrition specialist, Scott creates practical, customized nutrition guidelines and meal plans for clients who want to take the guesswork out of healthy eating. His athletic background includes football, track and field, mountain biking and bodybuilding. Scott has seen how the mind plays a vital role in complete health and realizes that if his clients connect with the right mindset they can accomplish any goal and he has a special interest in helping male adults navigate a healthy lifestyle journey.

Michelle Williams is a certified personal trainer, certified nutrition specialist and professional culinarian with more than 15 years of experience and utilizes holistic nutrition principles with strategic movement patterns to achieve health. She specializes in personal training for women and children and her work with youth nutrition, sports nutrition, weight loss and lifestyle management and specialized diets has allowed her to help numerous families in the Knoxville area. Michelle’s work as a healthy living consultant also focuses on women’s hormonal shifts and how those impact metabolism. She enjoys helping her clients work through their aesthetic and physical challenges through fitness and diet modalities in different stages of life. Michelle shares her expertise through public speaking, health writing, television, regional food show presentations and teaching healthy cooking to future chefs in the University of Tennessee Culinary and Catering Program when she is not in the gym setting. As a working mother of two teenaged sons, Michelle understands the challenges families face with scheduling conflicts, budget constraints, juggling dietary limitations and needs among family members and how poor eating can lead to health related consequences. In helping women regain body confidence through healthy lifestyle measures and educating youth, Michelle emphasizes a healthy mindset as a vital link to overall health.

Scott and Michelle have served as regular guests contributing healthy living tips and clean eating principles on multiple television and radio programs in East Tennessee for more than half of a decade and also inspire others with motivational messages of health with professional, civic, educational and non-profit groups in the region.

Terrell Roberson

Terrell is an ACE certified in functional training. Former Mr. Tennessee, Mr. Knoxville and 5th in the heavyweight division of Mr. USA.

Tamra Johnson

I have been working at Exclusive Fitness since 2004 as a Trainer. I specialize in Cross, Sports Specific, Injury Prevention Training, Physical Therapy (Transition, Pre/Post Surgery) Individualized Stretching and Lymphatic Release Massage. My studies and training started as a Student Athlete turned Student Athletic Trainer at the University of Tennessee (2000 B.S. Exercise Science and 2003 M.S. Biomedical Eng.) My main focus in studies were the Human Body and Physi/Kinesi-ology with a base in Physics.

To date I have had a blessed career in Training at Exclusive Fitness with now 16 years, however I have also done my fair share of time (8 years) within the Physical Therapy and Chiropractic areas working as the Exercise Physiology aspect of the Therapy Umbrella. I have been certified within NCSM, CSCS and on a side note RDA.

On a personal note, I have a very happy family with a son who loves his daily planks and push-ups. An amazing husband (to which his Contractor job bleeds into our home) and a set of cats and dogs. My side passions are working on the house (the love a homeowner) boating, hiking and working at our Family Farm.

Mike Hodge

Mike Hodge is an ACE certified personal trainer who trains people of all age groups and caters their workouts to their specific goals & always makes it a fun experience. Mike has a burning desire to help people better themselves and achieve their fitness goals. Mike is a competitive bodybuilder and loves trying to better himself. Mike was a Platoon Sergeant and a Master Fitness Instructor in the Army. Mike has a Bachelors Degree in Anthropology.

Harith Ourfali

Harith Ourfali is AAAI/ISMA certified trainer with more than 25 years of personal training experience . He specializes in creating nutritional plans and workouts to help individuals achieve their goals. Whether your goal is to maintain a healthy lifestyle, weight loss, body building or athletic training he has the experience and knowledge to meet your needs.


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